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What everyone is saying about SINNER:

“Sinner was an intensely, suspenseful read that kept my heart racing cover to cover…Trust me when I say that EVERYONE NEEDS to experience this intensely wild ride!” —The Power of Three Readers Blog

“A gripping and emotional read from start to finish!” —Sandra Loves Reading

“Jackie Wang [writes] angst-filled books that rip your heart apart and piece it back together with a slow burn.” —Sassy Southern Book Blog

“Loved the emotional turmoil packed into this intense story” —Book Lovin’ Momma

“…Full of surprises and will definitely keep you on your seat wanting more” —Shakespeare’s Wench Book Blog


Fifteen years ago, Beckett ripped my heart out, then disappeared. 

Now he’s on my doorstep, covered in blood, begging for help. 

He thinks I’m stupid enough to let him in. But I’ve learned my lesson. 

Guilt and secrets follow Beckett, and I’m not getting involved—

Thing is, I can’t just leave him outside during a thunderstorm.

So I let him in, telling myself it’s only to get him cleaned up.

I ask him for some sort of explanation, but he doesn’t have one.

He says he doesn’t remember anything. I. Don’t. Trust. Him.

How was I to know that wiping away his blood would make me an accessory to his nightmare? That this time, his sins were going to destroy us both?


Fifteen years ago, I broke up with the girl I swore I’d marry.

Now I need her help, but I don’t deserve her kindness.

I know if I want to gain her trust, I’ll need to tell her everything.

But first, I need to pick up the pieces of my memories and put them in some kind of order.

I don’t want to hurt her again. I never meant to break her heart. I never meant to involve her in my living nightmare.

But she’s all that I have left.

She’s my final lifeline, and I can’t let her go.

Sinner is a standalone second chance romance/ romantic suspense.


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  1. Hi Hattie, I’ve updated the website with a link for Cutthroat Carmine! Enjoy! ❤ Jackie


  2. Maria says:

    Sounds awesome!!

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    1. Charla says:

      Artclies like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

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  3. Kat flores says:

    Sounds amazing!


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