About Me

My name is Jackie Wang and I am a self-published author, full-time mom and freelance writer/editor. I am incredibly socially active and you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. I go by my full name, Jackie Wang, or my nickname, “Chesmok”.

Personal Life
I live with my husband and 2-year-old daughter in Vancouver, British Columbia. When I’m not writing, I’m maintaining my freshwater aquariums, playing with my daughter or gardening in the backyard. I love to read contemporary romance, mystery and thriller novels as well as blogs on self-publishing, social trends and bizarre news.

My Works
Cutthroat Carmine: A Half-Blood Vampire Thriller
Love Affair in Venice
Landlady: A New Adult Romance

My Writing Journey

I started writing fiction when I was thirteen years old, but I never had the perseverance to finish any of my novels. I did, however get some of my poems and short stories published. Then I stopped writing for pleasure when I started university. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Psychology and giving birth to my daughter, I decided to pick up writing again. I completed my first novel, “Popping the Big Question” in 2014. It was serialized over the course of a year on Wattpad and received a small degree of success there. Then when I went back to edit the novel, I realized it wasn’t very good. So I set it aside and began writing “Cutthroat Carmine” in February 2015 and worked on “Love Affair in Venice” in May 2015. Both are currently available on Wattpad and they have received significantly more success than my first book.
Going forward, I’d like to self-publish a new series entitled, “Northbridge Nights”, about a group of female friends (and their alpha heroes) living in Northbridge.

What’s this Blog About?

This blog will be a place for a) news and updates about my books b) very short stories c) poems d) miscellaneous rants/thoughts/polls e) my self-publishing journey. It will be updated whenever I find inspiration.

Thank you for checking out my blog!
Cheers, Jackie


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