Write for Money or Fans?

Ah, the age old question all writers must face: do we write for profit or to gain more readers? These appear to be mutually exclusive for self-published writers. After all, if you try to make a buck, you limit your audience to only those who are willing to fork over cash for books. If your goal is to disseminate your work to the widest possible audience, the best route to go is making your book permafree.

This is the struggle I’ve been dealing with for many months now. My books, Cutthroat Carmine and Love Affair in Venice, while popular on Wattpad, completely flopped once I put them up for sale on Amazon. After all, I had no following there and not many people wanted to take a chance on an unknown author. I was too cheap to pay for expensive marketing and therefore my ratings plummeted even further until I became irrelevant- lost in a sea of millions of books.

After languishing on the charts for many months, I decided to put “Cutthroat Carmine” out for free on most of the major bookstores worldwide. (The sole exception being Amazon, who refuses to price-match my book). I’d rather gain more fans and readers than try to make a few cents off Amazon royalties.

If you want to read the final published version of Cutthroat Carmine, you can download it at Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles, among other stores.

Do I have new fans out there? Probably. Hopefully one day they’ll make themselves known through social media or this blog. Maybe I could talk to you all about random nothings and have a ball. I know I’m notoriously slow at updating social media and that’s my fault so I don’t blame you guys.

In the meantime, I need to get back to writing Cutthroat Carmine 2: A Half-Blood Vampire Returns!




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