Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark: my review 

‘Waking Olivia’ is the first book I’ve ever read by Elizabeth O’Roark and I loved every second of it. It was a unique contemporary romance with just the right amount of angst and drama to keep me hooked. I read it for free through Kindle Unlimited and finished it in a week.

I love Will; he’s such a strong and lovable alpha hero. Olivia is also his perfect, feisty counterpart. They make an adorable couple! I found Olivia’s mysterious dream-running affliction fascinating from a psychological standpoint. The fact that she’s also a tough-as-nails college track star is awesome. Woo sporty girls! Especially troublemaking ones!

Will is not only her coach trying to do the right thing but he’s also a lover of mountain-climbing and a farmer?! Whose not a secret billionaire?! Wow! Both protagonists are flawed and their struggles make this a wonderful read.

The climax was also nothing short of surprising. A thoroughly refreshing read. 4.3/5 stars! Recommended!

Love, Jackie

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