Be this Orchid. 

Guys, I’m on the verge of tears. My phalaenopsis orchid has bloomed after 2.5 years of TLC. 

Two winters ago, the local florist was getting rid of dying orchids because they’d cut off the flowers for a wedding centerpiece. I purchased 3 orchids and lugged them home (with much difficulty) on public transit. 2 of the original orchids died because my hubby broke them. He literally smashed into them, twice, and tore their leaves off.

This last one, I’ve named, “Survivor“. It has withstood freezing temperatures, extended periods of drought, darkness, neglect, and even bud blast. Bud blast is like a miscarriage for baby flowers.  But today, its first summer bud has finally opened. I’ve waited more than 2 years to learn the flower color of this orchid, and I love it. It’s silky white and despite its bedraggled appearance, I love it more than all my other plants because this one is tough as nails. This orchid is no delicate greenhouse priss. This one is determined to fucking live.

I’m not posting this news for no reason. I’m trying to prove a few points.

1. If you work hard enough and wait long enough, you will see the fruits of your labor. Everyone told me I should throw it away. Hubs said it would never bloom. It’s been years, he said, it’s dead, he said. I didn’t listen. Be like me. Don’t listen to naysayers. Just follow your heart. Cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.

2. If you stay strong in the face of adversity, you can survive anything. Either that or you’ll die. This orchid is twisted and bent, but it’s thriving. Be this orchid. Live life to the fullest; and whatever you’re scared of, don’t be. If you don’t die in the process, you come out a radiant survivor.

 So go, be. 

Happy Tuesday people of the Internet. Be well.


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