Crescent Hill

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I fix hotels for a living, and I’m something of a celebrity in the UK.
When a nearly bankrupt lodge asks me for help, I hop on a plane and fly to the United States. But my latest charity project might be a lost cause.
The hotel owners refuse to acknowledge their problems, the staff are disrespectful, and the hideous rooms are filthy. The only person keen on saving the business is the owners’ daughter and hotel manager, Magnolia (Maggie) Summers.
She’s hard-working, loyal and kind. She also has big dreams that are stifled by her inner demons and her dark past.
Despite trying to stay professional, I fall hard for this sweet, small-town girl.
Thing is, I only have fourteen days to figure out if Maggie feels the same way…before my flight back home first thing Christmas morning.


“Ms. Wang does a phenomenal job of writing characters that suck you into the story and take you for a wild ride. You will fall in love with them and miss them after you have turned the last page. This is a great romantic read with plenty of humor and angst. ” – Shelly Wygant, Goodreads reviewer

“…Family mystery, steam, comedy and drama. Maggie was sweet, independent and fierce!!! …I absolutely loved Roman!!! He was blunt, brutally honest, extremely kind and caring. He genuinely wanted only the best for Maggie and wanted was determined that she has it.” – Karin, Goodreads reviewer

“If you are looking for a book about redemption, lost love, bad decisions, a girl with a past, a millionaire guy who is not into tying you up then Crescent Hill is the book for you.” – 2OCC Reviews

“This book made me tear up few times but I laughed quite a bit and the story just sucked me in right away.” – Nicki Benson, Goodreads reviewer

“I loved this storyline, so different from from the regular romance books, it was refreshing.” – Rhonda Ziglar, Goodreads reviewer

“…The storyline,the characters it grabbed me from page one and wouldn’t let me go” – Debra Menard, Goodreads reviewer


“Despite her mistakes, despite the hateful words I said to her, I just felt sadness now. Anger had dissipated into melancholy and heartache. My body shook with grief; it mourned what could have been between us, but never would be. I wanted to be her hero. But she was never mine to save. The harder I tried, the faster we crumbled. The faster we crumbled, the harder we tumbled. I couldn’t be her hero. And that just about destroyed me.
How did we come to this? How did we go from strangers to friends, to lovers, and back to strangers again?”

I tilted Maggie’s chin up and held her gaze. “There’s no rhyme or reason to life’s madness. All I know right now is, I want you, just as you are for who you are. No one else. Nothing you’ve said tonight has changed my opinion of you. I still want to give you everything you deserve and more. If you’ll let me.”