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My life changed the night I rescued a six-month-old baby girl from a burning warehouse.
No one could find her parents, so I decided to foster her.
I named her Mora, and she was my energetic little firecracker.
I needed to hire a nanny to look after Mora while I was at work. The most promising candidate was one Margot Vimyridge. In the email, she sounded like a grandmotherly type, so I agreed to an interview.
I didn’t expect my new nanny to be so gorgeous, young, and have a heart of gold.
But she was so good with Mora, I had to offer her the job.
Unfortunately, my girlfriend wasn’t too happy about my decision.
Even worse, Margot had a secret, one she refused to tell me.
Could I placate my girlfriend, figure out my nanny’s secret and look after my new foster daughter without losing my mind?
FIRECRACKER is a standalone single firefighter daddy/ nanny romance. Insta-love. Novella length.