Coming October 11, 2017

Things were hard after my ex-wife left my six-year-old son and me.

Things were harder when I had to drop off a teary-eyed Nate on his first day of school.

And things completely went to hell when his elementary school caught on fire a few hours later, while I was on duty.

It was every parent’s nightmare. Even as a professional firefighter, I couldn’t help but panic a little.

Luckily, all the kids and staff were all right.

My day got even luckier when I met Nate’s new teacher, Winnie, a quirky and extremely brave young woman who managed to get all the kid’s to safety, including my son.

Conversation with her came easy, and it was even easier to fall for her honeyed smile and perfect dimples.

But she was Nate’s teacher, and she was way too young for me.

I should’ve walked away, defused the entire situation before I got myself in trouble.

But who in their right mind would willingly walk away from someone like Winnie Williams?

Firelighter is a short, sweet, instalove single firefighter daddy/ teacher romance.