Cocky. Irresponsible. Dangerous.

fugitive august


She was my favourite mistake.
I sacrificed my freedom for her happily ever after.
Went to jail so she could thrive…and did it without regrets.
Have you ever loved the idea of someone so much you’d give up anything to protect them? I gave up everything for her, and now that I was out of prison, I was going to meet her, no matter how great the cost. No matter how great the risk, I’d see her. I’d hold her and kiss her and love her.
Even if it meant committing another crime.
Because for her, I was willing to become a fugitive.
But first, I needed cash. A lot of it. So when a friend offered me a thousand bucks to entertain a bachelorette, I jumped at the opportunity. It was only supposed to be one crazy night of no-strings-attached fun. Then, I was supposed to get paid and hightail it out of town.
I was never supposed to fall for the bride-to-be. She wasn’t supposed to be on my mind 24/7, long after we said said our goodbyes.
And I definitely wasn’t supposed to kidnap her on her wedding day and take her on the wildest road trip of her life.
Rachelle wasn’t supposed to become my accomplice, but somehow, she became mine, and I didn’t ever want to let her go.


“If you’ve read any of Jackie Wang’s books before, you will know exactly what you are about to let yourself in for: raunchy lust, 3D characters with no holds barred, and a story that has a narrative just demanding that you turn every single page.” ~Emily Murdoch, Author of ‘Conquests’

“…Not your average love story. I loved every plot twist, every hardship the characters had, every event that played out, and I absolutely loved the ending. I was blown away by this amazing novel. I can’t wait to see what is next for Northbridge!” ~NerdGirlOfficial Blog

“Full of lots of unexpected twists and turns; Fugitive is definitely not your typical love story. I was completely drawn in from the very beginning and stayed on the edge of my seat the whole time that I was reading!” ~Sue Paulson, Amazon Reviewer

“Trust me when I say that there are a lot of twists you won’t see coming. Not your typical love story, but that is why it works. Atypical and genuine.” ~Elaine, Goodreads Reviewer

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