hotshot august



My new landlady is HOT and completely OFF LIMITS.

If I don’t play nice, I might get evicted.

I don’t want to play nice, though. Not. One. Bit.

I wan’t to play DIRTY. Too bad she isn’t game.


My new tenant is a COCKY bastard who’s completely full of himself.

He thinks just because he’s a sinfully SEXY, rich, and successful lawyer, I’ll jump into bed with him.

But I don’t have time to indulge arrogant playboys like him.

He wants to play GAMES, but I want to play for keeps.

Hotshot is a full-length, standalone new adult romantic comedy.


“I laughed a great deal at the antics of these two. The mistaken conclusions, the innuendos, the outright unabashed flirting…it was great!” – Elaine (Goodreads)

“Jumping right in with sensual and pretty sexually explicit narrative…you don’t so much read this book as hurtle through it, desperately trying to work out how time has gone by without you even noticing!” – Emily Murdoch, Author of Conquests

“Fast paced, full of lust, love, drama, and sexiness! Asher and Sierra are adorable characters who will tug at your heartstrings and have you rooting for them from the beginning.” –Nerd Girl Official Blog

“The dialogue was fresh and realistic, also often witty…Sierra has a great sense of humor, often forming witty, sarcastic replies, which I enjoy.” – Elizabeth Fountain (Amazon reviewer)

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  1. Monica Reed says:

    I absolutely loved Crescent Hill. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read it.


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