Coming Fall 2017

I’m carny trash turned escort/street magician.
Used to juggle watermelons. Now I juggle tipsy cougars’ melons.
When I was seventeen, I swallowed swords. Now I swallow my pride, sell my body and peddle cheap card tricks on the Las Vegas strip.
I make three hundred bucks a day, but I still live in a trailer because I blow every dime I have on slots.
Vegas was supposed to make me richer than Midas. It was supposed to be my lucky paradise, my big break.
But instead of filling with green, my wallet filled up with debt.
Instead of hope, my heart filled with bitterness, rage and disgust.
The world was a senseless blur; an unsavory blend of sin and excess.
I hated the fact that I couldn’t break the shackles of poverty, addiction and self-loathing that bound me the day I was born.
I should’ve risen above my weakness, but instead, I let it consume me.
I was about to take my life the night she showed up and changed the game.
Rose Hathaway. Fiery hair, feisty personality and hotter than the devil she dressed up as for Halloween.
She stopped me from making the biggest mistake of my life.
And how did I repay her?
By destroying her career six months later.
This is our story.

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