Playboy. Hustler. Anti-hero.

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What everyone is saying about VILLAIN:

“The first two pages …TWO PAGES will floor you. “ —Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

“This is one twist and turn crazy book that will have you gasping and shocked!” —Sweet & Spicy Reads

Secrets, lies, twists, turns. Some you see coming, some you don’t…It will be hard to put this down once you get started!” —S-n-M Book Blog

“The story has a revenge plot, outlined to make you question everything. Second guessing motives and characters. I was flipping the pages in wonder.” —Twisted Book Reviews

“Don’t get too comfortable reading this book…it is one wild ride.” – Elizabeth Cash, Author

Diabolical twists and turns had me dropping so many loud f-bombs…” —The Power of Three Readers Blog

A gripping, dark thriller…the perfect enemies-to-lovers story.” —Elizabeth’s Pretty Little Reads Blog

“Your father is the man I swore I’d destroy, but you are the one I never want to hurt again. Now do you understand my dilemma?”

Homeless. Broken. Outcast.

Ryder is an ex-con fueled by one thing: revenge.

His target: his enemy’s only daughter, a prissy billionaire heiress. His new pawn.

If he can win over Cally, he might just have a shot at getting his life back.

Jaded. Paranoid. Exhausted.

Cally is sick of people using her to get closer to her dad. Reeling from her recent breakup to an obsessive, stalker boyfriend, she’s naturally suspicious when a hot stranger strikes up a conversation with her at a bar. She doesn’t trust him; she doesn’t trust anyone anymore, and she’s not about to let him get inside her head.

Cally won’t open up unless Ryder reveals his dark secrets and confesses to his crimes.

Ryder won’t rest until Cally helps him bring down her own father.

Ryder’s all-consuming need for vengeance will be his downfall unless Cally can bring him out of the shadows, back into the light.

Villain is a full-length, standalone dark romantic thriller/ romantic suspense with jaw-dropping plot twists you won’t expect! 

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