Playboy. Hustler. Anti-hero.


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At seventeen, Ryder Ainsworth fell in love with the wrong woman, and lost everything.
At thirty-six, he trusted the wrong man, and went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.
Now he’s a jobless, homeless, thirty-nine-year-old ex-con with only one goal: to destroy the ones who wronged him.
Callista Rayner is an heiress whose last name opens doors for her everywhere she goes. Her father is one of the richest men in the world, and he’s also the one who ruined Ryder’s life. In order to bring down his enemy, Ryder comes up with a dangerous plan. One that involves stalking and manipulating his enemy’s daughter. Unfortunately, his plan goes awry when he finds himself falling for his target. Can he set aside years of anger and hatred for the sake of love? Or will he let his thirst for vengeance consume him?

Villain is a full-length, standalone dark romantic thriller/ romantic suspense with jaw-dropping plot twists you won’t expect!


“This is one twist and turn crazy book that has you gasping and shocked!”- Sweet & Spicy Reads

“Yes, the first two pages …TWO PAGES will floor you. “- Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

Secrets, lies, twists, turns. Some you see coming, some you don’t…It will be hard to put this down once you get started! Believe me, you don’t won’t want it to be over.” – S-n-M Book Blog

“The story has a revenge plot, outlined to make you question everything. Second guessing motives and characters. I was flipping the pages in wonder.” Twisted Book Reviews

“Don’t get too comfortable reading this book. Why, you ask? Because it is one wild ride.” – Elizabeth Cash, Author

Diabolical twists and turns had me dropping so many loud f-bombs…”  – The Power of Three Readers Blog

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